5 Best Cordless Hammer Drill: Your Complete Guide

Best for Speed and Torque
Rapchel Bark Collar
Bosch 06039A3371 PSB 1800 LI-2 Cordless Combi Drill
Best for Speed and Torque
Rapchel Bark Collar
Bosch 06039A3371 PSB 1800 LI-2 Cordless Combi Drill

Most people have a drill for adding screws and doing regular carpentry work. However, a hammer drill is a bit different because it can be used in masonry projects. You can find a variety of bits, some of which might come with the cordless hammer drill that you purchase. It’s also possible to buy them separately so that you’ve got bits for any job you might require.

We are going to talk about five different products in this review so that you have an idea of what’s available and what might be the right choice for your needs. Before we do that, though, we focus on the buyer’s guide, which can help you pick one based on your particular needs.

Best Overall

If you’re looking for the best cordless hammer drill, the Ryobi brand might be ideal for drilling almost anything. It’s a percussion drill, so it provides enough torque. There is also a light on it, helping you to see in dim places. Of course, this hammer drill features a 13mm ratcheting chuck, so it’s more durable and has gripping strength. There are also two gears, which can match any application or material.

The battery of this hammer drill is lithium-ion with 13Ah, so it’s always charged up and ready to work with you. With it, you can drill into masonry, metal, wood, plastic, ceramic, and much more.

  • Lightweight
  • Long battery life
  • Fits standard bits of 13mm
  • Can struggle and lose power at times
  • Could use stronger batteries
  • Requires more time to remove the bits

Bosch PSB 1800 Cordless Combi Drill

Best for Speed and Torque Balance
$186.00 | Buy now on Amazon
Rapchel Bark Collar

The Bosch brand comes with 2 x 1.5Ah batteries and features the right hammer action to get through concrete and much more. Since you get two batteries included, the price is decent. There is intelligent management between the motor, gearbox, and battery, so you get plenty of power and speed, as well as max endurance. The gearbox has two speeds and a variety of options for torque settings, allowing it to take on any job.

From the Syneon Chip technology, you have a unique electric control system that coordinates everything. This is great because you get just the right energy for the project, making drilling much easier. Of course, such a cordless hammer product features lithium-ion batteries for longevity. Since you get two of them, you can easily extend your battery life.

This drill offers a keyless chuck, which allows you to change the drill bits without any tools. It also features a speed of 1,350 rpm, and its weight is 1.3 kg.

  • Syneon chip technology
  • Suitable for any application
  • No tools needed to change drill bits
  • Smaller than expected
  • Lithium-ion batteries drain fast
  • Needs a lot of effort on your part
Preview Product Price
Rapchel Bark Collar Rapchel Bark Collar $186.00

Best Value For Money

The Dewalt brand is a complete kit and comes with a carrying case. That way, you can easily take it around to any job and set it down without fear that it is going to get damaged. You do get one lithium ion battery, as well as a charging station to keep it running smoothly.

This is a professional drill, so it provides you with the maximum power and speed you need to get your task done. With such a high voltage, it’s strong enough to do what you require but isn’t going to drain the battery. We think this might be the best cordless hammer drill out there, but you can find many others, as well. If you’re drilling a lot of hard surfaces, this is the option for you. Of course, you can change the torque settings as needed for anything you might need to do.

Since it’s light in weight, you can also carry it around for drilling jobs in various locations around the premises.

  • Easy to use
  • Full kit with case
  • Lightweight
  • Can have mechanical glitches and must be sent back to manufacturer
  • No drill bits with the product
  • Very long jobs might require a recharge

Best for DIY Jobs

If you want to shine some light onto your work, you may want to consider the GOXAWEE brand, as it has an LED light included. It’s got a voltage of 12V and appropriate torque settings to give you control while drilling. There are two speeds for screwing and drilling, and it’s comfortable to hold.

Instead of just one, you get two batteries with this product, which means you can be charging one while the other drill is in use. For long drilling jobs, this is ideal.

This kit comes with six screwdriver and three drilling bits. That way, you can work quickly without having to worry about anything. When it comes time to change the drill bits, the keyless chuck makes it effortless. You don’t require any tools and can switch them out easily.

Another key point is the lithium-ion batteries are designed to last for a while and take about an hour to charge completely.

  • Two batteries
  • Light included
  • Must tighten up the chuck to hold the bits at times
  • Batteries don’t last very long

Best Budget

When it comes to choosing a hammer drill, you’ve got many options. Still, the Terratek brand comes with 13 pieces and a lithium-ion battery. Therefore, you can easily charge it up and keep it ready to go when you need it.

Since it comes with a light, there is no need to awkwardly hold a flashlight in your mouth or between your cheek and shoulder. With this product, you don’t have to worry about self-discharging. Plus, it can withdraw screws and was as put them into the material you require. Hammer drills like this one are ideal. However, you might want to make sure that you get the spare battery, which ensures that you never run out of power and torque when you need it most.

It works just like any other drill, but it also puts in screws, removes them, and works in hard surfaces, such as concrete and brick.

  • 13 pieces included
  • Lacks power at times

Cordless Hammer Drill Information

What Is the Best Battery Powered Drill?

Since we are looking at the best cordless drills with hammer capabilities, we are focusing on how to pick the right one of these. Generally, you want the best cordless, which includes a variety of features.

For example, some of them come with an LED light, which allows you to see in dark or dim places. Though you may always work in well-lit areas, make sure that you aren’t going to need a light later. Otherwise, you are going to have to hold the drill cordless variety while you are holding a flashlight. This can get quite cumbersome.

Usually, the LED work light either stays on as long as the tool is running or can be turned on or off as you see fit.

You’re going to be drilling holes with this product, so you want to make sure that the battery is appropriate. Most manufacturers give you a lithium-ion battery, and most of the time, the drill comes with it. Sometimes, though, you might get two batteries with some models and brands. That way, you can be using one battery and charge the other. For large DIY jobs, this can increase your speed while working.

You may also want to find a drill with a keyless chuck. This means you can change out the drill bits without as much hassle. If you’re drilling for a long time, this can be beneficial.

It’s also important to focus on whether or not the drill has a brushless motor. Most electric drills don’t use them, but some of the newer ones might. We considered drills with brushed motors today in our reviews.

Since you are bound to use the drill for many things, it is beneficial to check the warranty of the product before you make a final decision. Never go with a used product, as you can’t be sure if it is going to have a guarantee or if it is going to be honoured.

What Is the Best Drill for Concrete?

When you know that you’re going to use your heavy-duty drill for concrete, you are going to want something with a hammer function. Most of the time, this is a separate drill bit, sometimes called a masonry bit. It’s designed to allow for drilling into brick, stone, concrete, and mortar. It works just like a regular drill, but it also has a forward, hammering style action. You can check the SDS (Slotted Drive Shaft/System) rating for your drill bits to ensure that they are suitable as a masonry bit.

Cordless hammer drills are, by far, the best choice here when it comes to performance. They provide better value for money because you can use them on other materials, as well, such as wood.

How Does a Cordless Drill Work?

When using the hammer drilling functionality, you are going to notice the rotary functions of the drill bit. In a sense, it pulverizes the concrete underneath the bit while it’s churning on the surface.

Which Cordless Drills Have the Most Torque?

Your primary goal with any drill power tools is to drill holes into the material you’re using. It happens from the rotary hammer, but the drill also works based on torque and speed. You want something powerful enough to do the job well, but it also needs to be compact so that you can get the maximum torque possible.

The rotary hammer drill is going to include a chuck, which is the clamp right above the bit to hold it in place. This is what you turn to change the settings. Almost every model features one.

Of course, the best cordless hammer drills are different than impact drivers. Though they are both handheld tools and can drive screws into things, the impact driver works fast, but not on concrete and other stone. Still, you can use a cordless drill driver for many purposes and might want to choose both products to have in the home.

Keep in mind when you increase your speed, the torque of the machine is decreased. Therefore, you would have to drill at a lower rate for thick materials. Most people choose a combination drill because it is more effective, and you get almost everything you need from one product.

Now that you understand a bit more about drilling and battery life, it’s time to learn more about the drills cordless benefits.

Advantages of Hammer Drills

You are going to find many reasons for buying such a drill. The primary benefit of drilling with a cordless drill is because you are able to take on large-scale tasks. Thanks to these drills, you get something suitable to handle a variety of needs. This might be the year to consider putting a new drill on your list of accessories you need.

Of course, hammer drills can be used like regular drills, though you may need to change the torque settings. Still, you get something that works on ordinary materials and hard surfaces that a traditional drill can’t get through alone.


When it comes to choosing the best cordless hammer drill, the search is over. We have been talking about the top five products, and now you know more about each one. Our top pick is the Ryobi R18PD3-113G, but we also included a guide to help you make the right choice for your home and needs.

Generally, we prefer to let you make up your own mind about which option is most suitable for you. However, we do feel that the Terratek brand is an excellent choice for those on a budget, and the Bosch brand is ideal for anyone who requires consistent torque and power with a balance between the two.


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